Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Police Taser suspect in possession of stolen merchandise | Raw Footage

LA Breaking News: 

Man arrested trying to board LAMetro bus at Canoga Orange Line with stolen Target Merchandise

The Westfield Topanga Target Store suspected shoplifter is caught by Police. 

May 29, 2018, (Tuesday) News credits: Baddboyfilms News, Los Angeles

Video/Raw Footage of the actual arresting and tasering of the theft suspect while he was already in handcuffs: 


  Target reported a male suspected they suspected was shoplifting at Westfield mall at Topanga Tuesday. 

The suspect was described as a male, black, 6’3” tall, about late 20s, wearing a red baseball cap , red bandana, and red sneakers and a further details, carrying a large black backpack. 

In store loss prevention had called 911 at 9:00 am to report that this suspect had left the location carrying his backpack he had stuffed with a lot of unpaid for dvd that they said they had suspected him of stealing inside the Target because one minute he had a handful and the next he didn’t have any during his walk through the store. They said to police he stuffed them into his pack he was wearing and walked out, setting off the store door alarms but he didn’t stop when they ran after him. He was being sought by police without knowing it. 

20 minutes later, a man fitting the same discretion as the broadcast over lapd frequencies stated to responding lapd Officers to the location of where the suspect was spotted awaiting to catch a LA Metro bus inside the Orange line Canoga park station. Lapd pulled up on the suspect fitting this description exactly. 

 When officers asked for the man’s ID, he became hostile and pulled out his golden colored iPhone to openly show the officers he is filming them. They asked him to put down the cameraphone, they wore bodyCams too. At this time, they asked the suspect where he had come from this morning, giving him a chance to answer. But the suspect was louder and became agitated towards officers and was very obviously worried about this situation going ugly. 

  Lapd Officers asked for his wallet, he refused, arguing with officers. He wouldn’t cooperate . He kept referring to his civil rights and told officers they have no right to search his backpack or his wallet. That he has rights. He began to scream at officers out of the ordinary. Officers were trying to be polite, they asked him to step over to the car that they are going to investigate and see if he is telling them the truth. He was in a fit of rage and refused. Yelling and Officers demanded him to place his hands behind his back for second, just have to cuff him, he allowed it but while Officers were behind him to handcuff him, one officer told the suspect “If you be really nice maybe I’ll give you a candy bar. 

  The suspect lost it. From there on, the suspect was kicking, screaming, and fighting officers while they didn’t even arrest him yet. They told him they are going to go get the target store security and manager to id this suspect and if they say it is him that stole from their store, then they would have to arrest him and he would be going to jail. 

The suspect began to get violent on officers in the back seat. In the raw footage, you will see Officers trying to subdue their suspect in a seatbelt so he couldn’t harm himself while the handcuffs were on him. He kept trying to slip out of them. Kept sticking his feet out the door as officers opened the side rear door to talk to him, he tried to jump out, a fight took place and mostly the suspect was screaming, foul language, the video will show the suspect was losing his sanity. 

Lapd Officers had no choice, they tasered the suspect and in the raw media, you can hear the suspect cough as the cradle of that taser sparked and those razor sharp darts stabbed the suspect into his body with a painful shot into his brain. Electrical current shocking the suspect and forcing him to abide by the control of these two Police Officers from Topanga Police Station who were just doing what they were trained to do. 

  They tried to calm him down after he awoke, he was screaming more as the darts were already planted. But the LapD didn’t use more teaser on him this time since he was already tied down correctly and they arrested him on suspicion of Felony petty theft. The suspect screamed that he just finished a Parole term and now he is going back to prison for stealing some bad films that aren’t worth it. 

    The police searched the backpack without need of a warrant since there was witnesses who vouched that this suspect was their target individual who was alleged to of stolen from their business inside the Westfield mall at Topanga in Canoga Park Tuesday. 

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